Organize And Create Safer Passwords With KeePass


Computers, devices and online services store a lot of information about us. Some of that information could be used to hurt us if it falls into the wrong hands. One of the ways we protect information stored electronically, is establishing passwords that are required to gain access to protected areas. A password is like a code to a vault. Imagine a bank vault with one of those huge combination locks like those in the movies. Now imagine that the banker set the combination to a single number of  “9”.  A thief would only have to try 10 combinations before he would get access! This assumes that the lock uses numeric characters 0-9 and that there is not a failsafe in place that locks down the vault if the wrong code is entered after a few tries.  The point is, if a password is easily determined, the lock can be easily opened.

KeePass is a free application that allows users to generate passwords that are very difficult for people and even computers to determine. It also stores those passwords  in a way that is safer than keeping them in an unsecured electronic document like an Excel spreadsheet or having them written on paper.

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