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With Biscom FaxComAnywhere sending a fax is as easy as composing an email. Here are the steps for sending facsimiles using this electronic fax service:

Composing An Email To Be Sent As A Fax

1. Log into your email service (e.g. Yahoo Mail
Step 1: Log Into Your Email Service

2. Click the “Compose” button to start a new email message.
Step 2: Click Compose

3. Select the address to send faxes from.
Tip: Biscom FaxComAnywhere looks for email from an address registered to your Biscom FaxComAnywhere account. This helps prevent unauthorized users from sending faxes on your behalf.
Find the field labeled “From“. > Click the down arrow at the end of the email address. > Select the address registered with Biscom FaxComAnywhere to send faxes.
Step 3: Find the field labeled "From". Step 3a:  Select the address registered with FaxComAnywhere to send faxes.

4. Type the number you would like to send the fax to as an email address.
a. Find the field labeled “To“.
b. Type the area code and the phone number with only numbers; without dashes or spaces like this: 8553301239
c. Then add to the fax number without any spaces. When the fax number has been converted to a fax number, it should look like this
Step 4: Type the number you would like to send a fax to as an email address.

Creating a Fax Coversheet

5. If you would like to create a Fax Coversheet, add a subject line that describes what the fax is about in a few words (usually less than 8-10) and type any note you would like to add in the body of the email. You can skip this step if you don’t want a cover sheet. (OPTIONAL)
Step 5: Add a subject line and message if you'd like a Fax Coversheet.

Attaching Files

6. Attach one or more PDF documents that you would like to send as fax pages.
Find the “Attach Files” button. > Browse to the PDF file you would like to attach. > Click the file once. The name should appear in the File name field. > Click the “Open” button. > Click the “Attach Files” menu. Tip: The Attach Files menu is located in the menu bar. It is between “Compose” and “Cancel”.
Step 6: Find the "Attach Files" button. Step 6a: Browse to the PDF file you would like to attach.
Step 6b: Click the file once. The name should appear in the File name field. Step 6c: Click the "Open" button.
Step 6d: Click the "Attach Files" menu.

7. Verify that your email has all the required information to send as a fax.
a. Verify that the appropriate From address has been selected. See Step 3.
b. Verify that the fax number has been properly entered in the To field. See Step 4.
c. Verify that the coversheet is set to your liking. See Step 5.
d. Verify that correct PDF files have been atttached. See Step 6.

8. Click send! Congratulations, you have sent a fax using Biscom FaxComAnywhere.
Step 8: Click send!

TIP: If your fax was successfully sent, you should receive an email with the subject line FAX: Transmit ‘ok’ Report.

The most common reasons for faxes failing are:
Not sending the fax from an email address registered with Biscom FaxComAnywhere. See Step 3.
Not properly formatting the fax number as an email address. See Step 4.
Mispelling Biscom FaxComAnywhere in the fax address. For example

If you’re interested in establishing Email To Fax service you can visit Biscom’s website here:

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