How To Create A Shared Distribution List With Google Apps


You’re a property manager at Property Management Co that manages several apartment complexes in the area. You have compiled a list of email addresses for your renters and plan to use it to send invoices and reminders to renew their lease. You update your list every time you gain or lose a renter. You have a co-worker in maintenance who needs access to the same list of renters to send information about repairs and outage alerts. How do you share your contact list with your colleague without sending a long list of email addresses and without having to re-send it every time the list changes?

If you’re using Google Apps, Google Groups For Business may be an option. Paid editions of Google Apps, now known as G Suite, offer a feature that allow users to create groups with dedicated email addresses to send email to a specified list of contacts. Using the example above, the property manager can create a group called “Tenants” and assign it an email address such as Once she has added the email addresses of her renters to the group, she can send an email to and the whole list will receive it. The property manager can share the email address for the group with her co-worker in maintenance and her co-worker can email to send out maintenance notifications.

If you uses G Suite, formery know as Google Apps, and this sounds like the solution you’ve been looking for, we’ve included step by step instructions on how to setup a new group. If you’re not a using G Suite and would like to sign up, you can do so here.


Create A Group Email List With Google Groups For Business

1. Log into Gmail.

Sign Into Gmail
2. Click the Menu Icon located toward the top, right-hand corner, to access other Google services such as Calendar, Drive, Docs and Groups.

Google Services Menu Icon
3. Click on Groups.

Google Groups Icon
4. Click the Create Group button.

Create Group Button
5. Provide a name for the group. Take note that the program automatically assigns an email address that matches the group name. However, you can click in the “Group email address” field and set it to any available email address. The email address does not have to match the group name.

Provide Group Details
6. Click the Create Button located at the top of the page to save your changes.

Save Google Group Details





Add Email Addresses To A Google Groups For Business Group

7. Click “My groups” menu in the left hand column.

My Groups Menu

8. Locate the group that was just created and click the link labeled “Manage” that is right below it.

Manage Link

9. Click the “Direct add members” menu option in the left hand column. You may have to click and expand the Members menu to see it.

Direct Add Members Menu

10. Provide the list of email addresses that you would like added to the group, separated with commas. For example:, and Then click the “Add” button at the top to save the list.

Add Members


Record The Email Address Of Your Group


11. Click on the name of the group in the left hand column.

Group Name

12. Click “About” on the right-hand side.

About Group

13. Copy the Group email address to use and share with others. For example
TIP: By default, only members of your organization can send email to a Google For Business Group. A user must be logged into their G Suite or Google Apps account to send an email to the address of your group. Consult your Domain Administrator if you would like the group to be setup to allow people outside your organization to send emails to the group you’ve created.

Record Group Address


14. Done!

Using Google Groups For Business, you and your co-workers can send an email to a list of contacts using a single address.


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