How To Control Your Computer With LogMeIn


LogMeIn provides an easy and convenient way to gain remote access to another computer.

Using the LogMeIn Client
1. Single click on the Start Button.

2. Single click in the box labeled “Search programs and files“.

3. Type LogMeIn

4. Single click on the application that appears labeled “LogMeIn Client“.
LogMeIn Search

When the LogMeIn Client opens, it will provide a list of computers you can control.
LogMeIn Computer List

5. Single click on the name of the computer you would like to access. A menu bar will appear just below the selected computer name.

NOTE: Computers that are accessible or active will have icons in color and appear as a computer with a blue screen. If a computer is not accessible or offline, it will have a grayscale icon and appear as a computer with a grey screen. Computers that are offline cannot be accessed. Computers must be powered on and have Internet access to be controlled using LogMeIn.
LogMeIn Active VS Offline

6. Single click on the icon labeled “Remote Control” that appears just below the selected computer name. If the computer is offline, this option will be grayed out.
LogMeIn Client Computer Menu

A Remote Control window will appear.
LogMeIn Remote Control Window

7. Enter the username and password for your computer and click the button labeled “OK“. This is the password you would normally use to log into your computer when it first comes on or to unlock the computer when it goes into screen save mode.

NOTE: If you do not use a username or password to log into your computer, use the passcode that was created during the LogMeIn installation. If you do know the passcode, consult the person who installed LogMeIn on your computer.

A. To use a passcode, click the button labeled “More>>” in the Remote Control Window. Skip to Step 8 if you have a username and password.
LogMeIn More Button For Passcode

B. Select option labeled “Use LogMeIn Computer Access Code Authentication” and enter your passcode in the box labeled “Code:”. Skip to Step 8 if you have a username and password.
Use LogMeIn Computer Access Code

8. Your remote computer will appear in a window on your desktop. Move your mouse within the window to control the remote computer. When the LogMeIn Remote Control Window is active, keystrokes and mouse movements are sent to the remote computer.

LogMeIn Remote Control Example

TIP: You can resize and stretch the Remote Control Window to make the screen of the remote computer bigger and easier to see.

9. Click the close button or the red X on the window to end your remote control session.

Close Window Button

10. Done.

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