Restore Google Chrome Default “New Tab” Settings


Google Chrome New Tab Page

     The default behavior of Google Chrome is to open to a simple page with a Google search box in the middle of it. There are a number of things that can change this default behavior such as browser customization or software installation such as a program, browser extension or malware. Whatever the reason, this article will provide you with the information you need to restore Google Chrome’s New Tab settings.

1. Click the Chrome Menu Button  Menu button located just below the Minimize, Restore and Close buttons in Google Chrome.

2. Click “Settings”.

Chrome Menu

3. Look for the section titled “On startup”.

On Startup

4. Click the Radio Button next to “Open the New Tab page”.

TIP: If your new tab page has been modified by other software such as a Chrome Extension you may see a box that says something like,

An extension, MapsGalaxy, is controlling this setting.

Unwanted Extension Example

If you see a message such as the one above, click the button labeled “Disable extension”. It is also recommended that you remove  such an extension using the instructions below:

How To Remove An Extension From Google Chrome

5. Double-check that the Radio Button is selected next to “Open the New Tab page”.

6. Click the New Tab button or use the key combination Ctrl+T.

Your browser should open a new tab with the default settings.

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