How To Use Bookmarklets on Chrome for Mobile Devices


Bookmarklets are a useful feature of Chrome which let you do things such as sending a web page to services like Evernote or Pinterest, for example. These are normally not possible to use on a mobile device due to the lack of a persistent bookmarks bar, but here is a way to use bookmarklets in Chrome on your mobile devices.

First, you will want to make sure you are signed in on Chrome both on your computer and your mobile device. If you are not already signed in, you can log in at the top of the settings page for Chrome on any device.



Now, you will want to create a bookmarklet on your computer or make note of the name of an existing one. For this example I will use Print Friendly, a bookmarklet which lets you view pages in an easy to read and printer friendly format.


Below is an example of what this bookmarklet does on Chrome on your computer.



Next, go to a web page on your mobile device, select the address bar and start typing in the name you saved the desired bookmarklet as. The bookmarklet will show up as one of the suggested results, identifiable by the line below it starting with “javascript:”. Select this to use the bookmarklet.



This will apply the action of the bookmarklet. Note that some bookmarklets may ask you to sign in to a service on your mobile device to function properly. You can now follow these same steps to use any bookmarklet you want.

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